CBD + Coffee=?

Around 83 percent of Americans drink coffee regularly, but some still experience the anxious jitters it may cause. Thankfully we have CBD to fight against that anxiety. Both CBD and caffeine interact with adenosine in your body. Adenosine is the neurotransmitter in your body that is responsible to have that energized feeling or the feeling to get some ZzzZ. At the same they have opposite effects. Caffeine interferes with the sedative effects of adenosine. CBD on the other hand increases the amount adenosine found in our bodies.

 Why add both?

Both coffee and CBD has its energizing effects, mixing the two can reduce the overall amount of caffeine you already take. Coffee lovers are definitely enjoying the mix.

 Feeling lethargy with CBD?

CBD in higher doses can have a drowsiness feeling. If this happens, simply lower your dosage. If you determine you need take a certain dose to experience the benefits, to counteract that feeling you can take your CBD first. Let it settle (anywhere from 30-60 min) and then have your coffee.

Don’t like coffee?

You can still enjoy the benefits with teas as well :).