CBD for Pets

Is CBD Okay to Give Pets?

With all the information out there with the potential benefits of CBD for us humans, it only makes sense that many pet owners are asking if CBD is okay to give to pets. Pet owners are looking at CBD for pets that suffer with epilepsy, anxiety, and appetite issues.


(AHVMA) American Holistic Veterinary Medical Association looks into what hemp products are used for pets. A survey was conducted, over 58.8% indicated they use a hemp product for their pet. Treating conditions for seizures, cancer, anxiety, and arthritis. Reports from pet owners claim they find cannabis products helpful for pain, arthritis, seizures, anxiety, for both dogs and cats. AVMA also reported that pet owners are using hemp products to treat behavior disorders. Such as separation anxiety and noise phobia.

Animal Studies Using CBD for PETS

Studies show that CBD restores liver function, normalizes 5-HT levels and improves brain pathology for brain function. A researcher by the name of Dr. Stephanie McGrath is looking into the effectiveness of CBD when treating canine epilepsy. About 30% percent of dogs on conventional anti-seizure therapies continue to have uncontrolled seizures. CBD has shown to be safe to use with your pets. An Australian holistic veterinarian, DR. Edward Bassingthwaighte shares a few cases where CBD has worked wonders. A dog with a fast-growing tumor in her mammary gland was treated with CBD oil. Her tumor has shrank over three months. With no recurrence three months later.

Is Leafy Drops CBD Tinctures safe to use for Pets?

Absolutely, although we do not have a “Pets” category yet. Our CBD oil is still used for pets. We have one that is in the works, so stay tuned :). We have several supporter that use either 250mg or 500mg for their pets and has worked great. If you have any questions, let us know at support@leafydrops.com