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Leafy Drops CBD Review

Have you heard of Leafy Drops? I hadn’t until recently when I was contacted by the owner of the company, Ronal, who valued an honest review. I told him that we do reviews and look forward to reviewing your oil. Not knowing what my opinion would be, he put enough faith in his product for me to write my honest review of Leafy Drops.

Leafy Drops Company Information

Leafy drops bottles

When you buy from Leafy Drops you are buying from a veteran owned and operated company. Leafy drops is a fairly new company founded in 2018. 

They are based in California and their hemp derives from the notorious Colorado. Colorado is one of the best places to grow hemp, so that’s a good sign.

Leafy drops also has their CBD third-party lab tested. 

You usually don’t want to buy any CBD products that do not have third-party lab testing, third-party lab testing ensures the claims made by CBD companies.

Their CBD is tested by Infinite Chemical Analysis Lab in San Diego California.

Everything is in order here, let’s see the story behind Leafy Drops.

The Story Behind Leafy Drops

Leafy Drops has a heartfelt story behind it. After coming out of the military, Ronal was diagnosed with major anxiety and depression. Around the same time of him leaving the military, his beloved friend Isaac passed away. 

His friend was a great mentor and someone who believed in Ronal. According to Ronal, if it wasn’t for his friend, he would never have the guts to start a business. 

Around this time he was lost. Another of his friends then introduced him to CBD, which helped him drastically. He never thought he would be getting into cannabis, but has made it his mission since; to put people first and sell high quality and affordable CBD. 

He believes full heartedly in his product, takes it on a daily basis, and would not sell something that he himself would not use. 

When he contacted me, he told me he wanted an honest review and nothing else, knowing that we give honest reviews. He had a lot of faith in his product. I did not have this knowledge about the company prior to giving it a score, therefore it did not influence my critique. I respect Ronal and the company more, knowing where the roots are from and I know that he has put effort in providing excellent CBD.

Their CBD is extracted through the supercritical CO2 extraction method and contain MCT oil.

The CO2 extraction method, is usually the preferred method, as it does not leave behind any harmful solvents and this method preserves the plant in it’s fullest.

The tinctures are also CBD isolate (Contains no trace amounts of THC, and no other cannabinoids, just CBD).

Time for my review on Leafy Drops CBD.

My Leafy Drops Review

I received the 500mg and 750mg Leafy Drops wellness tincture from Ronal.

I should mention that I am used to higher doses (1000mg+), so I had some doubts as to what effects this will have on me. Also, full spectrum CBD oil typically has a more significant effect on me, being that full spectrum CBD oils contain cannabinoids from the whole plant (full spectrum is typically favorable for its synergistic effects, but there is a small chance of failing a drug test with full spectrum because it contains trace, but legal amounts of THC (less than .3%). CBD isolate will not cause you to fail a drug test because there is no THC. Keep in mind that CBD isolate — to me — isn’t as strong as full spectrum.

leafy drops dropper

That being said, let me proceed:

First I usually discuss the flavor. I forgot to mention that their oils are flavorless.

I took the suggested 15 drops under the tongue. There wasn’t much of a taste, which was good, nothing overpowering (If you want to spice it up a bit, I have some drink recipes here, which you can add CBD to), you could mainly taste the MCT oil.

Something weird worth mentioning. I like the dropper they use in their bottle. When you squeeze it, it takes in enough CBD oil in one shot. I noticed that in other brands I have tried, I have to squeeze the dropper multiple times to get fifteen drops out of it. This was something that annoyed me in other brands that Leafy Drops did right.

What Were Leafy Drops’ CBD Effects?

leafy drops CBD review

As I said, I wasn’t expecting much from a 500mg CBD isolate, but let me tell you, I was surprised! This was a very relaxing strain. I have severe anxiety, and this oil was highly effective in managing it, almost more so than some other full spectrum oils. 

This oil is good to unwind with, It worked great in managing my headaches. It helped with my sleep issues and overall well being. I was surprised that at the lower dosage it worked well, especially since I have been used to higher CBD doses for a long period of time now.

I know this is a lesser known oil, but I definitely recommend it and can see it becoming more well known in the near future. I would recommend taking this oil more at times when you need to settle down, rather than when you need energy.

It didn’t make me artificially tired during the day, but it doesn’t give energy either. You could tell that this is high-quality CBD oil and it has amazing effects!

Leafy Drops is a good buy, and the price on the bottles is a little better than average.

This is definitely one of my favorite isolate oils for anxiety!

Tincture Analysis


Leafy Drops Wellness Tincture
Headache Management85%

Best For:


Leafy Drops Review Summary

Leafy Drops strong points


Leafy Drops is a good buy for all the reasons mentioned above. Leafy Drops also has a great story behind it and you know with confidence that the owner is dedicated to putting the consumer first and helping others.

I have a lot of respect for this company, you could tell from using it that it’s a high-quality oil being sold by a warmhearted and concerned owner.

I love its anti-anxiety effects and how potent it is, even though it’s an isolate. If you come across it and wonder if you should try some, you probably should!cbd man approved badge

Leafy Drops CBD gets my and Honest CBD Man’s seal of approval.


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